1. How does the payment process work?
Simply click on the Paypal button. Your financial transaction will be completed via your PayPal account. Pay Pal will give us your contact information (your financial info remains private) and a representative will contact you to start your project within 24 hours (on weekends and Holidays contact will be made on the following business day). You can also contact us directly at (510) 688-6276 during business hours.


1. What is the difference between a Template site and a WordPress site?
While some websites are designed and coded from scratch (these are the most expensive), most websites are build starting with a Web design template or a WordPress Theme. A Template is an pre-designed format for a website made with a specific code language (usually html, html5, php, asp, or flash). WordPress is a website creation tool or a program written in php. It is a complete Website Content Management System which was made popular by its many pre-built “plug-n-play” code snippets called Plug Ins. WordPress is ideal for businesses who need a lot of customer services right on the website. That makes it an perfect platform for building a customer base and doing marketing. Our representative will help you determine which type and price range is best suited for your specific business matched and personalized with your individual goals. We have a good selection of Templates, but for Lead Generation we prefer the WordPress Themes because it is easier to make them interact with your potential customers.
1. Do our WordPress Themes work with the latest version of WordPress?
Yes, it is our duty to always keep the themes up-to-date and working with the latest version of WordPress. Our themes are developed and fine-tuned for WordPress 3.1 or higher, any version prior to that may have problems with some theme functionality.
2. Which browsers, browser versions and operating systems do you test the themes on?
We test all our themes on Internet Explorer 7 and 8, the latest versions of Firefox, Safari. and Chrome. Regarding operating systems, our themes are independent of the operating system you use and will work as long as WordPress is installed correctly.
3. How often are the themes updated?
We update our themes any time we discover a bug or there is a new feature that we feel should be added. We will inform you as soon as we make some update in our themes.
4. Can I edit content for my theme?
Yes, you can also easily edit the content like in any other WordPress website. If you are unfamiliar with working with WordPress, we can train you through an optional training module. Just let us know.
5. How do I request an update?
Please send an email to update@bizboost.us and include any relevant images or text. Please be as specific as possible in your request . Content must be within guidelines as described in our Technology Agreement.
6. What is/isn't included in an Update Request?
Each single Update Request includes up to 3 items

Included: changes/text additions/removal of text, adding/removal of images.

Not Included: new layouts, new designs, programming/new functionality. Existing clients receive a discounted price for adding these services…please inquire.

7. Are any revisions included when updates are performed?
Revisions are handled separately and may include charges. Updates are performed monthly. Revisions required due to error on our part will be fixed at no cost to you.
8. Can I roll unused Update Requests or Items in a Request forward?
Unfortunately not. We schedule our time carefully based on how many clients and update plans are in service each month and cannot roll unused time forward.
9. What is the turnaround time for the updates to be completed?
Updates are performed every business TUESDAY of the week. The deadline to send in an update is one day before (e.g: Monday). Please make sure you are
available for clarifying questions after submitting an update.
10. Can you create a custom Update Service Plan for me?
Yes. Just let us know by email what your goals are for the upcoming 12 month period and we will work with to make sure your requirements are met.
11. What if I want You to do it all... write my blog posts, manage my social media, and keep my website fresh and exciting however you deem is best. Can you do this?
Yes. We will soon be coming out with more packages that will include copywriting, social media, blog posts, and more. Until then, please request a custom quote.
12. What's included in the Performance Report?
Using Google Analytics, we will gather and present key metrics about the visitors that are reaching your website. For example, how many visitors per week/month, how long they stay on a page (bounce rate), which page(s) are most popular, as well as geographic demography and more. The Performance Report offers insight into how your website could be improved to gain better exposure, search engine ranking, and click-through/conversion rates.